Computer Repairs

Carrick Computer Repair Services offer repairs to the whole PC or laptop as well as smaller components.
Either through wear and tear or accidental damage, we are able to repair or replace most parts from a broken laptop screen to a broken hinge.

Insurance Companies

If you have accidentally damaged your computer or laptop, we can also provide estimates for insurance companies and then carry out the repair.

Our repair services include:

  • Laptop main board repair
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Computer main board repair or replacement
  • Data recovery of PC and laptop hard drives from accidental deletion and mechanical failure
  • Plastic trim repair or replacement
  • Component replacement
  • Data recovery (accidental or hardware related)

USB pen drives

We also get asked to repair USB pen drives where the USB plug has broken off the cicuit board. In most cases we can solder wires between the plug and cicuit board in order to transfer the data to a new pen drive.